Pat Cluett is a sales and marketing professional with more than 25 years of experience.

Pat has an eye for detail making her a great asset to any organization looking to ensure the quality of their content and communications.


Content and Communications Editing

Pat can assist in reviewing your website content, advertising, blog posts, newsletters and communications pieces to ensure content, grammar, and spelling is correct prior to publishing

Social Media Messaging, Monitoring, and Communications

Pat will work with you to educate herself on your business so that social media content and communications is consistent with your business model and brand leveraging both to ensure successful engagement of your audience.  Pat will respond in a timely manner to all tags and notifications received and ensure that the audience feels like their comments and promotion of your business through social media are recognized and appreciated.

Networking and Marketing

Pat will work as an extension of your sales and marketing team and will attend networking events and community events in order to ensure the promotion of your business and brand. Having a business card from your business for me will help ensure that I can promote and market you.

Proven Success in Engagement

Example #1 – client since January of 2014

  • Facebook Followers in January of 2014 – 3900
  • Facebook Followers today – over 10,000 up 156%
  • Twitter Followers at start – 694
  • Twitter Followers today – 1448 up 108%
  • Client is reaching 6800 more people with Social Media posts today
  • Website traffic is up 45% and sales have increased more than 25%


Example #2 – client since July of 2014

  • Facebook Followers at start – 704
  • Facebook Followers today – 2100 up 198%
  • Twitter Followers at start – 507
  • Twitter Followers today – 1035 up 100%
  • Client is reaching 1900 more people with Social Media posts today
  • We chose to promote one post in August of 2015 and since that time, that one post has reached more than 66,000 people on Facebook
  • Website traffic is up 100% with organic (new unique visitors direct to website) traffic up 28%




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